Integrating First Article Inspection Services Into Manufacturing Processes

Mass production is a lucrative yet volatile manufacturing model. When done wrong, it can paralyze your entire operation. Many manufacturers have lost a lot of money from unsellable products because they do not meet capacity or legal requirements. To prevent this, many manufacturers hire first article inspection labs to inspect their initial products before mass production begins. The primary benefit of hiring first article inspection services is minimal to zero defects in your products, extinguishing any chance of recalling them from the market. This inspection is crucial since you detect and rectify defects that can ruin all the products. This process aims to settle on an approved pre-production sample with no flaws and complies with industry and legal requirements. The sample becomes the standard product from which subsequent units will be modeled. Thus, mass production only starts after subjecting the sample to rigorous tests. The three main benefits of incorporating first article inspection services into a production process are discussed below:

Compliance with Manufacturing Standards

First article inspection is commonplace in the automotive, medical manufacturing, and aerospace industries. The law requires manufacturers in these industries to subject processes such as design verification to first article inspection. For example, manufacturers with a reputation for adhering to first article inspection requirements increase their chances of landing contracts or sub-contracts involving the US military. The specific legal provision requires that you ensure your industrial processes and design are defined and controlled. Thus, hiring first article inspection services is integral to satisfying this requirement.

Minimize Product Defects

Many defective products result from automated manufacturing processes where mistakes are replicated across all units. Defective products can lead to class-action lawsuits if they cause injuries to consumers. Defending a case is expensive, time-consuming, and may negatively affect your company's image. By hiring first article inspection services, manufacturers can identify defects and prevent them from reaching the production lines. Also, it is easier to defend a class action lawsuit if you did a first article inspection. It proves you fulfilled your duty of care, reducing your liability.

Mitigating the Time and Cost Implications of Defective Products

Recalling defective products takes time and will cost the company money. Many customers will expect a full refund or exchange with another product that is not defective. The company also incurs shipping and logistics costs, negatively impacting its fiscal position. Some manufacturers overlook first article inspection services and start mass production immediately to meet market demand. This approach often costs time and money in the future when recalling defective products and settling class actions. It also ruins their reputation. Thus, manufacturers should embrace first article inspection services to preserve their brand and improve their products.


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