Tips For Buying Wholesale Candy Boxes For Your Chocolate Business

If you have decided to ditch the 9-to-5 job and start your own chocolate business, then it's important for you to purchase the right chocolate box. The boxes holding your chocolates are not only used to advertise your business to others, but they are also necessary to protect the candies from damage during transport and storage. 

To ensure your candy boxes look amazing and protect your delicious chocolates, here are some tips to follow when you choose them.

Tip: Choose the Right Size Boxes for Your Chocolates

The main purpose of the box is to protect your candies from damage. For this reason, it is important to determine the size and shape of your chocolates and then choose the appropriately sized boxes. For example, if your chocolate truffles are one-inch square, then your truffle box should be about 1.25 inches square. This allows for enough space to put in a tray and for the chocolates to move around a bit, but not too much to be damaged. 

Tip: Consider the Time Required to Create and Pack Each Box 

Chocolate boxes come in three different types:

  • foldable one-piece boxes
  • two-piece boxes
  • clamshells

While foldable one-piece boxes are typically the least expensive option, two-piece boxes and clam shells take less time to prepare when you are packing a lot of boxes.

While you may not consider packing time a big deal at this early stage of your business's development, it absolutely will be when you get a rush order for hundreds of chocolates and then have to find time to make up each box to put them in. For this reason, you should order sample boxes and pay attention to the time factor when making your final selection.

Tip: Choose Boxes Made of Sturdy Material

Another thing you must consider when shopping for boxes is the weight of the chocolates you will be putting inside of the box. For example, if the box is too flimsy, then it will bend under the weight if a customer lifts it up by its corner and the chocolates will spill out. To avoid this, make sure the boxes you use are rated for the weight you need them to hold. 

Tip: Use Boxes with Box Trays and Upper Protection Pads

Finally, you should use boxes for your new chocolate business that have plastic trays inside to cushion each candy individually. Top the box with a protection pad and your chocolates will be safe, travel safely, and store well.

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