Need To Save On Paper And Printing Supplies? What To Know

If you feel you are paying a fortune for paper and paper products throughout the building, there are a few things you can do to try to lower waste and cost. You don't want to reduce profits because you're spending too much money on the items that your staff has to print.

Monitoring what they print and making sure that you are getting the supplies from the right places is important. Consider the following options to make sure that you are being financial conscious about paper and printing for the business.

Paper and Paper Products in Bulk

Buy the paper that you need for all of your office printers in bulk online, along with all of your commercial paper product needs. This way you don't have to pay the markup at a local paper supply company, and you can order all the bulk products you need so you have everything on hand in storage in the back.

High Quality Printing Needs

Do you need high quality brochures or post cards that have crystal clear images and great detail? Do you want these on glossy paper? Don't try to design and print these with your own printing supplies in the office, and instead you'll want to let a printing company do the work for you. You can get all the items you need delivered at your office and designed and printed perfectly.

Monitor the Print Stations

Have an office meeting and make sure you tell everyone to print double sided copies when they can, and make sure no one is using your printing materials for personal items. Suggesting that administration may go through the print history on the computers should be enough to let the staff know you are serious about not printing any personal documents from their office computers. Asking to print in black and white when possible also saves on the cost of colored ink.

Compare the costs of different online product supply companies to see who can deliver the products that you want at the lowest rate possible so you can keep spending down, and see if any of the supply companies have rewards programs where you can earn free supplies or discounts on the products. You may also get a discount from your trash company if you have recycling bins for all of the paper that is trash or thrown out at the end of the day.