Why It Pays To Upgrade Stretch Wrapping Machinery In Food Distribution

Though there are a number of pallet wrapping machines available that can help wrap and protect your food products for distribution, there are innovations in wrapping technology that make upgrading a must. Pallet wrapping machines are an investment that can make the difference in the quality, integrity, and appearance of your product right before it hits the shelf for consumption. So if you want the best way to pack and ship your food products, you need to know why it pays to upgrade your stretch wrapping machinery.

Greener Technology

Advancements in the kind of adhesives and films used a pallet wrapping machine for food distribution eliminate excess waste and unnecessary carbon imprints by your machinery. Films and hood packaging effectively seal and secure your food in place with less plastic, and improved adhesives won't diminish the appearance of your product during transport. Adhesives range from heat sealed to water soluble, so you can find products that are more appropriate for the storage temperature of your product, like frozen goods. Green adhesives that are water-soluble also remove easily from packaging without leaving a mark.

Green packaging machinery seals your product more securely with less transportation packaging, so you eliminate extra transportation packaging and increase the size of your loads for better throughput. So you can use less packaging and increase the amount of product you're distributing to your destination.

More Efficient Packaging

Beyond orbital, tower, and turntable machinery, pallet packaging options include portable units that can be moved from pallet to pallet. Machines work faster and in a range of conditions best for your packing environment instead of under conditions that expose your food products to temperatures that can cause spoilage or damage. Newer stretch wrappers and sealing machines package your loads better and can reduce the chance of damage during transport. This will eliminate damage claims down the road, so your product has a better chance of making it to the destination without any problems. And faster packaging machinery cuts back on electricity used during the final leg of your production circuit.

When you use less packaging materials and less electricity during packing, and you can distribute larger loads without increasing the risk of damage, you can save money over time just by upgrading your packaging machinery. Newer models of stretch wrappers also allow you to incorporate logos and labeling (for easy product identification) and incorporate automated roll changers for minimal maintenance.